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Product code: ERN3213AOW

Built-in cooler, Electrolux / height: 177.2 cm

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Built-in cooler, Electrolux / height: 177.2 cm

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Electrolux´s refrigerator ERN3213AOW

• The Intelligent FreeStore® system automatically evens out the temperature and humidity throughout the fridge.
• 44 litre SpacePlus drawer
• TempAlert for unwanted temperature rise
• LED lighting
• Quick and assured refrigerator cooling with ShoppingMode
• Special drawer for fruit and vegetables with humidity control

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  • 499.99 €

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Built-in cooler, Electrolux / height: 177.2 cm

Built-in cooler, Electrolux / height: 177.2 cm


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Intelligent FreeStore®: The freedom to store any fresh item anywhere
Feel free to store any item of food in any area of the fridge you choose. The Intelligent FreeStore® system automatically evens out the temperature and humidity throughout the fridge so that storage conditions are identical everywhere. So wherever you put an item, it will still be just as fresh whenever you're ready to serve it!

Space for all your fruits and vegetables, whatever's on the menu
With the new SpacePlus ® drawer, you can store all your fresh fruit and vegetables, even if you have just shopped for a big party. It is the biggest vegetable drawer on the market with a capacity of up to 44 l. Its easy-glide runners enable you to open and fill it effortlessly, and the double layer inside avoids contact with moisture to preserves freshness.

Quick and assured refrigerator cooling with ShoppingMode
When the fridge door has been open for a while – such as while you unpack your weekly shopping – sensors will ensure that the fridge quickly cools down to the set temperature. As a result, your food is always stored under the best conditions and its freshness is preserved.

Keep your vegetables fresh and crisp until you need them
Texture is just as important as taste for professional chefs. To make sure your food's fresh texture lasts longer in your fridge, store fruit and vegetables in this dedicated drawer. Its humidity control keeps everything fresh and crisp for far longer – right up until the moment you need it.

Certainty that your food is stored at the right temperature
You can't check on your fridge every minute of the day. But if the internal temperature rises, you might not know until too late. To tell you if this happens, the TempAlert will sound an alarm and switch on a warning light. As a result, you can relax, because you'll be the first to know if your food is at risk.

Look into every corner of your fridge with modern LED light
With this refrigerator, you can join the LED revolution. This premium technology sheds bright, clear light into every corner of the fridge. The light level softly rises after you open the door. What's more, LED technology uses 10 times less energy than standard technology, and will last for the appliance's full lifetime.