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Hire-purchase - quick and easy payment method


Hire-purchase options

  • The response to your hire-purchase request will arrive in minutes
  • Interest rate (from remaining amount) - 20%
  • Hire-purchase sum from 70 € to 6400 €
  • Period from 6 to 48 months
  • You can use this payment method in stores and online store

With hire-purchase, you can pay for the purchase in installments

With Euronics hire-purchase, you can pay for the purchase for a longer period in installments.

Hire-purchase options

  • You can change the amount of the monthly payment
  • You can choose the payment date that suits you
  • You can repay the credit amount ahead of time

Hire-purchase terms

  • Interest rate (from remaining amount) - 20%
  • Downpayment from 0 €. Hire-purchase sum over 1400 € requires downpayment of at least 10%.
  • Hire-purchase sum starting from 70 €
  • Contract fee from 5 €
  • The length of the contract 6-48 months

Important information when using hire-purchase

  • You must be at least 21 years old to pay in installments
  • We offer hire-purchase to citizens of the Republic of Latvia or holders of a residence permit and who live in Latvia
  • Credit amount must be within your ability to pay it off.

More information

Specific lease provider terms and conditions can be found in lease request form or before signing contract.
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