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Privacy Policy

Euronics has assumed the obligation to protect privacy of their customers and users. Therefore, we have prepared these Privacy Policy principles, which govern the collection, use, disclosure, transmission and storage of customer data. Our operations on the Internet comply with all relevant practices, as well as respective EU legislation and laws of the Republic of Latvia. Please take a moment and review the principles we apply to privacy.

Collection and use of personal data
Personal data means any data that can be directly or indirectly associated with you as an individual, which are collected and processed by Euronics in order to fulfil contracts concluded with natural persons, to contact them, and perform obligations pursuant to law.

Personal data of loyal customers can be collected in any of the following ways:

  • when you provide us your contact information (incl. your name, personal ID code, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, the preferred method of communication) on our website or otherwise (e.g. in our stores);
  • when you use our website, data are collected through your account or through cookies;
  • when you make a purchase or place an order in our store or e-shop and store your personal contact information or purchasing preferences (in certain sections of the website Euronics may ask you to voluntarily provide your personal data and personal information. Such personal data may include your name, address, postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, and other data);
  • when you apply for hire-purchase.

Collection of other data
We also collect non-personal data, i.e. data that cannot be directly linked to a particular individual (gender, age, language preference, location). We may also collect data of general nature about how our customers interact with our e-shops and the website. These data are combined and used to provide customers information that is more useful for them, and to learn about which parts of the website, products, and services attract the most interest. In this Privacy Policy such combined data are regarded as non-personalised data.

Use and storage of collected personal data

We can use any personal data we have collected to display for customers Euronics’ product news, campaigns and upcoming events. Customers who wish to opt out from our newsletter mailing list, or do not wish to get information about products that might interest them, may unsubscribe from the mailing lists at any time. We also use personal data that we collect to delivery goods, and to fulfil obligations that we may have assumed towards the customer. 

By agreeing with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy the customer gives Euronics their consent for automated processing of their data. You may revoke your consent at any time on our website, or by sending us a request in a format reproducible in writing. Such requests and consents do not have retroactive effect.

To ensure better customer service, Euronics may disclose information about individual users to a third party who provides services to Euronics and is contractually bound to keeping any shared information confidential. Such third party may be, for instance, our partner whose duty is to deliver goods sold in our e-shop, or provide hire-purchase services. Euronics stores all personal data of a client until the loyal customer contract terminates. Data that Euronics must store pursuant to law (e.g. accounting data) are stored by Euronics in accordance with the provisions of law.

Alterations to personal data
Customers can see, alter, and supplement their personal data, collected for the purpose of identification and communication with them, on our website in the “My Data” section.

Security of personal data

Euronics takes all precautions (incl. administrative, technical, and physical measures) to protect customers’ personal data. Only authorised persons have access to personal data for making alterations and processing the same. If you suspect that your personal data are treated contrary to what is described in this Privacy Policy, or if there is any risk that your data have leaked to unauthorised parties, please notify us immediately. This is the only way that allows us to minimise any potential damages.

Customers have the right to demand termination of the processing of their data, ask about how their data are used, request that their data be transmitted in a commonly used format either to themselves or to a third party. In order to avoid misuse of customer data and rights, such requests may only be submitted in a format that makes it possible to identify the person submitting that request (signed digitally or personally at the company’s office). We have the right to respond to such requests within 30 days. We regard a request to terminate processing of data as a request to terminate the loyal customer contract.

Any personal data that you provide while visiting and shopping in Euronics’ e-shop are considered confidential information. The use of encrypted data transmission channel with banks guarantees that personal data and bank particulars of buyers are protected.

Terms and conditions of, and amendments to Privacy Policy

By starting to use our website or completing the loyal customer application you confirm that you have read these principles, terms and conditions, and agree with them. We reserve the right to amend the general terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, if necessary, by notifying all loyal customers thereof, but we make our best effort to ensure that our Privacy Policy is kept updated and available for you on our website. The controller in charge of processing customers’ personal data is Euronics Latvia SIA. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy or data processing, you are kindly asked to contact us at

You may always contact the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court to protect your personal data. The Data Protection Inspectorate is a national authority that may also be contacted for advice or assistance in matters concerning protection of personal data.

Euronics cookie policy

I. General provisions

1. Company with limited liability "Euronics Latvia", Reg. No. 40003829397, address: Ieriķu iela 5B, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1084; e-mail address:; website address: (hereinafter - Euronics) undertakes to ensure the security of the of the Company's website (hereinafter - the Website) and the personal information of its visitors and the protection of their rights when visiting the Euronics's website and getting acquainted with its content.
This cookie policy has been prepared for the purpose of obtaining additional information about the technologies used on the website and how the Euronics uses them.

II. Information about cookies

2.Cookies are small alphanumeric files that are downloaded and stored on your computer or other device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) and stored in your web browser during your visit to the website. They can be used to track which pages you visit on a site, to store information you enter, or to remember your choices, such as language settings, while browsing the site.

III Purpose and legal basis for the creation of cookies

3.Cookies are necessary to make it easier for you to use our digital services, for example, to make online payments, so that we can obtain information about how visitors use our website, and so that we can improve the services offered to visitors. Cookies are also used to provide you with customized information about our products and services.
We use different types of cookies that are placed by default (e.g. "necessary" cookies), but we ask for your consent for certain cookies used for analytical and targeting purposes. By giving consent to the cookie bar that appears when you visit the website, you choose whether you allow the use of certain categories of cookies.

IV Types of cookies and their application

4. We use three categories of cookies, but we only ask users for consent for two of them. You can agree to both categories of cookies or only to one of them. By agreeing to a category of cookies, you give your consent to all cookies in this category (see the detailed list of cookies below). You can change your preferences and refuse cookies at any time.
Necessary (essential) cookies
Necessary cookies are essential and allow you to access different parts of the website. These cookies are stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device during your visit to and browsing the website or for a certain period of time. They are set in response to actions that constitute a request for a service, such as setting up privacy preferences, signing in, or filling out forms. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website, so they cannot be turned off, and therefore the user's consent to this category of cookies is not required.
Marketing and analytical cookies
Analytical cookies allow us to track the number and sources of visits so that we can measure and improve the performance of our website. They help us understand which pages are the most beloved and used the least, as well as how visitors navigate our site. If you opt out of the use of these cookies, your visit will not be included in our statistics, but at the same time will not limit your activities on our website.
Marketing cookies are used to identify the content you want on this website and to provide you with the most relevant information about our products and services, to improve the customization of our content and to expand your activity on our website. These cookies may be used for our advertising campaigns on third-party websites. If you consent to the use of these cookies, we may also receive information about the websites of our trusted partners where you have responded to our advertisements. If you opt out of the use of these cookies, you will be offered general and non-personalised advertisements.
Performance cookies
Performance cookies improve user experience and store user preferences in various settings. These cookies also allow the website user to get more content and improve the functionality of the website.

4.1 In order to provide high-quality content, gather statistical data and show ads, Euronics uses third-party cookies on their website. You can review the privacy policy and terms and conditions of third-party cookies on the website of the respective party. Also, please note, that some of those providers may send data to third countries. List of third-party providers:

V List of cookies used on the Website

Cookie list

VI Information about the consent given by the person to the creation of cookies

6.When visiting this website, the user is presented with a window with a message that the website uses cookies. If you click on the option "Allow all", it will mean that you have agreed to all cookies located on the website and you confirm that you have read the information about cookies, the purposes of their use, cases when information is transferred to third parties
If you click “Decline” only necessary (essential) cookies will be stored. These cookies enable you to browse our website, safely finalize purchases and make sure important information is visible. User can not reject these cookies.

VII Rejection of cookies

7. If you want cookies not to be used on your device, you can manage your cookie preferences by selecting it in the list of cookies used on the website in the "Cookie settings" section. Please note that such changes/choices may affect the functionality of the website and may prevent you from obtaining personalized offers or ads..

VIII Withdrawal of consent

8. You can change what cookies you allow us to use or refuse the use of cookies at any time. You can refuse all cookies except "Essential".
If you want to give consent or withdraw your consent to analytical and marketing cookies, click on the link in page footer (bottom) or find button in our Privacy Policy page:

IX Policy changes

9. If you have any questions about the processing of personal data, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Euronics's privacy policy, which can be found in the subsection "Privacy Policy" (link) of the "Clients" section of the Euronics's website or contact the Euronics data protection officer
The Euronics has the right to change this cookie policy at any time. All changes to the cookie policy will be published

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