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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Chef's helpers: Elerctrolux Intuit

Achieving ideal results in the kitchen is directly related to how well the cook knows his stove or oven and how comfortably the appliance can respond to the chef's wishes.

Electrolux ovens, stoves, and dishwashers are designed for one purpose only - to help the chef in the kitchen by being quiet but smart helpers!

Intuitive hobs
Professional chefs prefer gas cookers because they can change the temperature extremely precisely and this way have better control over what is happening on the pan. Electrolux offers solutions for both, for those who love electric stoves and for those who prefer gas cookers. At home, however, the first choice should be the induction hob.
Why? First of all, the Electrolux induction hob INFINITE ™ only heats the pot and the food in it, but the hob itself does not heat up. It saves energy and dishes. Secondly, thanks to FlexiBridge technology, it can increase the cooking surface just as much as needed. Meaning that one corner can be used to boil water or heat soup in a small pot, while three or four parts of the hob can be combined into one area to heat a larger grilling pan. By the way, the hob itself recognizes the shape and the size of the pot, activating only the area on which the food is prepared.
Today's world is increasingly moving towards the Internet of Things. Electrolux is keeping up with the new trend as well. For intuitive comfort, the new hobs have a Hob2Hood® function. The hob is wirelessly connected to the cooker hood in the kitchen, which starts working at the same time as the hob, adjusting the suction power accordingly. The hob's PowerBoost function is as important. It allows you to increase the temperature suddenly, for example, to boil water or quickly get the pan to the right temperature. Since the plate of the induction hob itself does not heat up, there is no danger that it will burn anything.
It is important to note that Electrolux hobs are stylish, elegant, and modern. They blend perfectly into any environment.

Ovens that give back time
In the 21st century, we expect kitchen appliances to save time and be as efficient as possible. The greatest value of Electrolux ovens is the fact that they cook exactly what the chef wants. Meaning that they keep the exact temperature, they cook evenly, and depending on the function, miraculously fulfil the chef's greatest dreams.
Of course, the traditional baking with the fan, grilling, and stewing are all included. Most ovens also have the option of steaming, proofing, and sous-vide or water bath baking. Besides, they have the Assisted Cooking function, which is a list of specific cooking methods and "recipes", and the meat thermometer that safely measures the internal temperature of the dish to prevent overcooking or undercooking. When the food is ready, you can hear the signal and the oven turns off automatically.
The new Intuit series has a large range of ovens to suit the needs of different customers. Electrolux ovens are also self-cleaning and all you have to do is press the button.
Some ovens have pyrolytic cleaning, during which the ovens heat up to 500 degrees, burns the food residues into a fine ash, and then you can easily wipe it off with a cloth. You need this type of cleaning only a few times a year.
Not all ovens are as smart and capable, but most of them clean themselves of grease with catalytic inner walls that absorb, oxidize and break down stains at 220 degrees. Of course, the ovens also have a steam cleaning or AquaClean function.

Dishwashers for comfortable living
After you have finished your lovely dinner, there is nothing more pleasant than to know that the oven has cleaned itself, the hob shines with cleanliness and the dishwasher can easily handle even the most stubborn stains.
Unfortunately, the technology that takes the dishes from the table to the dishwasher does not exist yet.
When choosing a dishwasher, you should start with energy efficiency, because high-end appliances consume very little electricity, which keeps your budget under control. After that consider the following: noise level, design, ergonomics, and size, as well as the convenience of the control panel, and the ease of opening and loading the dishwasher. Then look at the features - some Electrolux models also offer a party mode, which allows you to wash the dishes in just 30 minutes.
AirDry technology automatically opens the dishwasher door at the end of the wash cycle.
TimeBeam® elegantly displays the remaining wash time of the cycle on the floor.
ComfortRails shock absorbers allow the baskets to slide back into place.
SoftSpikes® and SoftGrips® hold the glasses gently in place.
GlassCare 45 ° washes dishes at low temperatures, followed by a 60-degree rinse and gentle drying, thus protecting the glasses from cracks and scratches.
Electrolux's new ComfortLift® is the world's first dishwasher that allows you to raise the lowest basket to a comfortable height, and you can also buy a GlassBasket that safely holds eight delicate glasses in place. This means that you don´t have to wash those wine glasses by hand anymore.
By the way, Electrolux dishwashers have also been awarded the Red Dot award in the "Best of the Best" category. Why not choose the best of the best for your kitchen?