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Warranty Plus

For each product has a Consumer Rights Protection Law claims submission time (2 years). Euronics offers to their customers opportunity to purchase additional warranty for products “Warranty PLUS ". It is an opportunity to extend the warranty period up to 3 years after the end of claim submission time and protect the purchased product against accidents such as water damage, electrical damage, mechanical damage and theft.


All product non-conformances will be handled quickly with Euronics "Warranty Plus". Should the product need repairing, we will provide you a free replacement unit during the servicing period. You also never have to worry about getting your product to our repair center and back to your home as this will be taken care by our delivery service.


Our customer care representatives and loss adjusters will answer your calls and questions on every day of the week. Feel free to contact your nearest Euronics store or our customer representative at 67218560, 25404030, 27338884 if you are having a difficulties with your product or if you would like to apply for an insurance claim.


Have a look at our options and find the most suitable service plan for you


  Standard Silver Gold
Consumer Rights Protection Law claims submission time (2 years)
Extended warranty for up to 3 years  
Free transportation to service center and back (for products weighing over 10kg, only in Latvia)  
Replacement product during servicing   Free Free
Available for business customers  
Protection for accidental damage (inc. total loss of product)    
Theft and robbery protection    
Insurance valid worldwide    
Free damage inspection    
Quick loss adjustment    
  - From 39,99€ From 69,99€


Our "Warranty Plus Gold" service plan includes comprehensive damage protection coverage for your product. With Gold Warranty Plus your product is protected from accidents (such as product falling to the ground, liquid damage, electrical damage etc.), theft and robbery all around the world. In addition your product is protected from manufacturing defects for up to 5 years. Reoccurring repairs do not affect the validity of your service plan.

Our "Warranty Plus Gold" service plan is the best option if you want full protection for your products.



Please contact our customer care representatives by phone 67218560, 25404030, 27338884 for more information about Warranty Plus service plans.


Availability, conditions and prices of Warranty Plus can be found on the product cards in Euronics online store. We kindly draw your attention to the fact that Warranty Plus is currently available for mobile- and smartphones, computers (notebooks, desktop computers, tablets), home appliances, TV-s, audio systems, small appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, espresso machines and blenders) and beauty products.


Click here for general conditions of insurance.


Plus warranty general terms and conditions valid from 02.01.2017