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Robot vacuum cleaner Miele Scout RX2 Runner
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Miele Scout RX2 Runner
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Miele Scout RX2 Runner
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Miele Scout RX2 Runner
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Miele Scout RX2 Runner

Robot vacuum cleaner Miele Scout RX2 Runner

Product code: SCOUTRX2 Brand: Miele
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• Top-class dust pickup thanks to Quattro Cleaning Power
• Systematic cleaning with 3D Smart Navigation
• Convenient operation with MobileControl
• Thorough cleaning in corners thanks to Corner Brush
• Particularly long battery charge – up to 120 minutes non-stop

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399 € -101 € 499.99 €

Monthly payment 67 €

Price is valid from 6/1/2021 to 12/31/2025

67 per month
  • Additional warranty (2 years) 9.17 € per month
  • Damage protection (1 year) 17.5 € per month
  • Damage protection (2 years) 30.83 € per month
  • Double protection (2+2 years) 39.17 € per month

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Quattro Cleaning Power – Efficient suction system for any kind of floor
The suction system with its four special features guarantees first-class cleaning performance.
1. Swung-out side brushes carry coarse dirt under the appliance.
2. A roller brush then reliably catches this dirt and carries it to the front suction opening.
3. The rear suction opening ensures that fine dirt is removed thoroughly.
4. Thanks to a powerful fan, the dirt lands securely in the appliance's dust box.

3D Smart Navigation - Camera-based, three-dimensional room detection
Two front cameras give the Scout RX2 high-precision, three-dimensional object recognition. It measures the distances to potential obstructions automatically and navigates safely around them. This prevents furniture and objects from being damaged. Even complex room structures are no problem for the Scout with 3D Smart Navigation.

Sleek design – Clean under the sofa
With its compact, slim body, the Scout moves through your home with agility. It fits under low furniture with ease and is able to access other out-of-the-way places. Never before has it been so easy to ensure cleanliness under beds, sideboards, and sofas.

Corner Brush – Swing-out side brushes for thorough cleaning
With its swing-out side arms protruding from the appliance, the Scout RX2 can get right into the corners. The brushes clean along all the edges thoroughly and remove annoying balls of fluff. As soon as the Scout RX2 encounters an obstacle, the side arms retract and it continues on its way without delay.

120 min non-stop – Recharges itself
Thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Scout runs for longer on a single battery charge. If the battery charge is not sufficient, the Scout returns to the base station for recharging. It will then continue cleaning from the location where it had stopped – fully automatically.

AirClean Plus filter for an excellent environment
The AirClean Plus filter ensures that the vacuumed dust remains where it belongs: in the dust box. The effective filtration ensures particularly clean room air.

Furniture Protection Technology
7 optical sensors at the front of the Scout robot vacuum cleaner recognise furniture and other obstacles in its path. The Scout approaches these objects carefully in order to clean the floor directly in front of them. Collisions are reliably avoided. An additional 3 sensors underneath the appliance recognise steps in the floor in time and prevent the Scout from falling down stairs.

MobileControl - Can be run at home using the app or while on the go
The Scout RX2 can be controlled conveniently using a smartphone or tablet app* while you're on the go. There are various convenient functions available. For example, a different "start time" can be programmed each day for the Scout using the timer. The map view allows you to track the cleaning process at any time.

Home Mapping - Virtual map of your home
The Scout RX2 navigates systematically through the rooms and generates a virtual map. It can then find the ideal path for comprehensive and efficient cleaning. Using the app, the map can be used to check where the robot vacuum cleaner is at that particular moment, as well as where it has already cleaned.

Timer - Start time freely programmable
With the Scout you can programme the floor cleaning times individually. You can have it work, for instance, when you are not even at home. The Scout will begin cleaning at the selected time. The appliance then returns to the base station on its own to recharge the battery. So feel free to go out while the Scout cleans your home.

Touch control – Simple, intuitive operation
Operating the Miele robot vacuum cleaner is so easy. You can select the desired programme and start the Scout with only two touches on the clearly laid out touch display. It takes care of the rest on its own. Alternatively, you can enter the commands on the remote control – from the comfort of your chair.

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