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Food jar Kambukka Bora 600 ml (11-06006)

Food jar Kambukka Bora 600 ml

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Food jar Kambukka Bora 600 ml

• Warm up to 9 hours
• Fresh all day
• Integrated vent to let off steam and reduce pressure
• H: 13 cm
• H without lid: 12 cm
• Ø widest point: 10 cm

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The product is available in the retail stores in limited quantity. If you would like to order it through the online store, please contact us!

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Food jar Kambukka Bora 600 ml

Food jar Kambukka Bora 600 ml


There’s no doubt you love food. But we bet you’ll love your lunch even more when it’s packed in a beautiful food jar. We introduce to you: Bora. This 600 ml jar does not only look heavenly – especially paired with its matching bottle! – it also takes care of your food as if it’s the most precious thing on earth. Oh wait, it is. Bora keeps your food fresher than fresh from morning to midnight and hot for 9 hours straight. Rest assured: this jar is 100% leak proof and has an air vent to let off steam and avoid pressure build-up. Bon appétit!