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Built - in microwave Hansa (20 L) (AMG20BFH)

Built - in microwave Hansa (20 L)

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Built - in microwave Hansa (20 L)

• Combigrill
• Quick start
• Child lock

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9 auto programs
Auto programmes make our preparations quicker and more convenient. Just choose the appropriate weight or number of portions and the type of meal, and the microwave will automatically select the best settings.

Defrosting by time
The defrosting by time function is significantly quicker than traditional defrosting, and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Defrosting by weight
Based on the weight of the product, the microwave oven automatically adjusts the time needed to defrost it. This results in perfectly defrosted food, ready to cook.

The combined heating function enables dishes to be prepared using both the grill and microwave. Depending on the combination of grill and microwave settings, this function is useful for preparing rice dishes, casseroles, baked potatoes or poultry. It guarantees thorough heating of the food with a crisp finish.

Child lock
This function is especially useful for families with children, making it impossible for anybody to accidently change the settings.