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Product code: BDF500

The Smart Fryer, Sage

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The Smart Fryer, Sage

The Smart Fryer, Sage / BDF500


The first deep fryer with a dedicated twice cooked function for super crispy French fries. With an LCD food menu that automatically selects the correct time and temperature. With a powerful immersed 3000 W element to recover temperature quickly, to insure you are always cooking at the optimal temperature. Also makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients.

• Cool Plate™ Technology: The innovative flat Cool Plate™ at the base of the pan allows you to use 1/4 less oil than a conventional deep fryer.
• Electronic Thermostat: Allows oil to rapidly recover back to desired frying temperature
• Permanent Mesh Filter: Vents allow steam to escape while the permanent filter reduces the release of oil vapours and odours.
• Auto-Shutoff Protection: The fryer will automatically turn off if the oil temperature heats up beyond the maximum temperature.
• Fresh/Frozen Setting: Automatically changes the time or temperature, based on the selected cooking mode.
• LCD Digital Control: Indicates time, temperature plus pre programmed cooking functions
• Capacity: 1.2kg Frying Basket
• Settings: 7 Preset Functions: Fries - Twice Fried, Fries, Fish, Wings, Calamari, Donuts & Custom

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Fun cooking
fun cooking fryer
total power 3000 W
Deep fryer
Electronic panel Yes
Maximum frying volume 1200 g
functions timer, temperature control
General parameters
color stainless steel
producer Sage