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Product code: BGLS4PROFM

Vacuum cleaner Cosyy'y ProFamily, Bosch

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Vacuum cleaner Cosyyy ProFamily, Bosch

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Vacuum cleaner Cosyy'y ProFamily, Bosch / BGLS4PROFM

• A rating in all categories - Class A for cleaning performance on hard floor and carpet
• UltraAllergy Filter: Especially recommended for allergy sufferers. Reaches dust re-emission class A.
• Super-quiet sound level (69dB[A]) thanks to the integrated SilenceSound System
• QuattroPower System: Bosch's performance technology for outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption
• Compact, space-saving design for easy storage and operation

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  • Delivery to address in Latvia (to front door) 3 - 7 w.d. 6.99 €
  • Indoor delivery to address in Latvia 3 - 7 w.d. 41 €
  • Parcel delivery 3 - 7 w.d. 2.49 €
  • Omniva postal terminal 3 - 7 w.d. 2.49 €
  • Euronics shop delivery 3 - 7 w.d. 0 €
  • Delivery to front door (Riga only) 3 - 7 w.d. 15 €
  • Delivery indoors (Riga only) 2 - 4 w.d. 25 €
  • Delivery indoors + old product removal (Riga only) 2 - 4 w.d. 35 €
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Vacuum cleaner Cosyyy ProFamily, Bosch

Vacuum cleaner Cosyy'y ProFamily, Bosch


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Performance control
Optimum cleaning performance for all floors. Thanks to the electronic performance control, it can be easily adjusted using the rotary control.

10 m operating radius
High degree of flexibility and convenient vacuuming thanks to long cable for 10 m operating radius. Fewer socket changes.

HiSpin Motor
Technical invention by Bosch: the new energy efficient HiSpin Motor ensures a thorough cleaning performance with extremely low power consumption thanks to optimized aerodynamic fan blade wheels.

PowerProtect System
The PowerProtect System ensures long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag fills up. Through this, the new PowerProtect Dustbag can unfold optimally and has a higher dust pick-up capacity thanks to the multi-layered hi-tech filter material.

Class A Performance Carpet
The carpet cleaning performance class measures the dust pick-up on carpets. A higher dust pick-up leads from basic surface cleaning to solid deep cleaning results. Carpet cleaning performance classes A and B stand for the best cleaning performance that Bosch has ever achieved.

Class A Performance Hardfloor
The hard floor cleaning performance class measures the dust pick-up on hard floors with crevices and joints. The better the hard floor cleaning performance class, the more thorough the in-depth cleaning results of floors with crevices and gaps like tiles and floor boards.

PowerProtect Dustbag
The PowerProtectDustbag allows high filtration and excellent airflow at the same time for high performance when the bag fills up.

A top A rating in all four classes
An unbeatable performance! The Bosch vacuum cleaner achieves the EU energy label’s top A rating four times in the performance classes energy efficiency, dust re-emission and carpet and hard floor cleaning. With the lowest re-emission values, the best class in dust re-emission guarantees extremely clean exhaust air, a key consideration for allergy sufferers in particular.

Quiet vacuuming with extremely thorough cleaning performance thanks to SilenceSound System™. The entire appliance concept—from the nozzle to the exhaust air—has been optimised to ensure low noise.