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Washing machine Electrolux (7 kg)
  • Washing machine Electrolux (7 kg)
  • Washing machine Electrolux (7 kg)
  • Washing machine Electrolux (7 kg)
  • Washing machine Electrolux (7 kg)

Washing machine Electrolux (7 kg)

Product code: EW8T3372 Brand: Electrolux
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The 800 top-loader washing machine with UltraCare system fully activates detergents and softeners before they reach the load. Meaning that laundry is washed quickly and thoroughly, preserving the quality of your clothes. Garments are cleaned gently, so everything emerges feeling like new.

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Enjoy clothes for longer with UltraCare
Enjoy your clothes for longer with our UltraCare system. Detergent and softener are pre-mixed in water before they reach the drum, so they are evenly distributed in the wash. This means they get to work quickly, which in turn protects the fibres of clothes.

Shorter programme, ultimate care with UltraWash
With our UltraWash short programme, you never have to compromise on cleaning and care. Unlike other short cycles, our programme treats your clothes with care by combining low temperatures and gentle drum movements in less than an hour. A perfect balance with UltraWash, helping your clothes last longer.

Reduce wrinkles with SteamCare
Clothes emerge from the drum with less wrinkles thanks to our SteamCare system. By adding steam to the end of the wash, fibres are relaxed, and wrinkles are reduced by a third. Without being exposed to the heat of regular ironing, clothes look better for longer.

SensiCare System - Customised care in a shorter time
Our SensiCare System weighs each load and automatically adjusts the cycle, so that your clothes are cleaned for just the right amount of time. Preventing over washing and ensuring items retain their look and feel for longer.

Save energy with Eco TimeManager
Enjoy energy-efficient washes with the Eco TimeManager option. Save resources by tailoring the length of washes to suit you, without having to compromise on quality. Clothes are cleaned carefully and efficiently.

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