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Built-in refrigerator Premium BioFresh, Liebherr (177,2 cm)
  • Built-in refrigerator Premium BioFresh, Liebherr (177,2 cm)
  • Built-in refrigerator Premium BioFresh, Liebherr (177,2 cm)
  • Built-in refrigerator Premium BioFresh, Liebherr (177,2 cm)

Built-in refrigerator Premium BioFresh, Liebherr (177,2 cm)

Product code: IKBV3264-20 Brand: Liebherr
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Liebherr’s built-in fridge IKBV 3254 has it all: with 4 temperature zones, and packed full of practical features, it’s more than capable of fulfilling almost every food storage need – especially when it comes to providing the conditions that suit sensitive fruits and vegetables.

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4 temperature zones for enhanced food freshness and durability

With its 4 independent climatic temperature zones, the IKBV 3254 can offer virtually every type of food optimum storage conditions. Here’s an overview of these 4 zones:

1. The 4-star freezer compartment for freezing fresh foods and storing them for the longer term. A temperature of -18°C guarantees optimum conditions for preserving the vitamin and mineral content of food stocks.

2. The refrigerator compartment can be precisely adjusted to between 3°C and 9°C, via the MagicEye control with a digital temperature display. It benefits from our PowerCooling system, which enables the rapid chilling of freshly stored goods and maintains an even cooling temperature throughout the interior.

3. Liebherr’s BioFresh compartment offers an environment with a temperature of around 0°C; the BioFresh climate ensures markedly increased durability for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products. Humidity can be regulated in the two safes within BioFresh compartment. The safes can be independently set to either DrySafe or HydroSafe to guarantee tailored storage and optimal conditions for your foods.

4. The cellar compartment offers storage over a temperature range from 6°C to 14°C, according to requirements. For example: drinks can be chilled to around 6°C in the pull-out drawer; tropical fruits, which ought not be stored too cold, can be stored at 12° to 14°C; and potatoes are best stored at around 12°C.

In addition to the versatility offered by the various climatic temperature zones, the IKBV 3254 has plenty of practical features that make it pretty special too. These, in combination with the advantages of the zones, make this built-in appliance one of a kind.

• GlassLine storage shelves, made from safety glass with a stainless steel trim, which can be positioned at different height levels. Includes a partitioned glass shelf (one half can slide under the other) for even greater flexibility.

• The fully extendable, split-level, pull-out drawer readily accommodates food and bottles, and features a removable bottle basket. Dividers and bottle holders provide safe storage for already-opened bottles.

• The cellar compartment pull-out drawer benefits from our SoftTelescopic self-retracting and soft closing mechanism, which offers outstanding convenience, as well as secure storage for goods.

• SoftSystem ensures particularly gentle closing of the refrigerator door, even when the interior shelves are fully stocked. With SoftSystem, the door closes automatically from an opening angle of 30° to help prevent loss of internal coldness, and thereby contributes to energy savings.

• Energy efficient LED lighting delivers excellent interior illumination.


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204Annual Energy Consumption.
Energy consumption of XYZ kW/h per year is based on measurements calculated under standard conditions within 24 hours. Actual power consumption depends on the use of the device and its location.

xWine Bottles Capacity
It contains a certain amount of standard wine bottles of 0,75 l volume.

Volume of the Refrigerating Chamber.
The sum of all the zones of refrigerating chamber that are not marked with stars (that means working temperature is higher than –6°C).

16LThe Volume of the Freezer.
The sum of all the zones of the freezer that are marked with stars (that means working temperature is lower than –6 °C ).

Noise Level.
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