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Grow Light Botanium 15 W (100920)

Grow Light Botanium 15 W

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Grow Light Botanium 15 W

This powerful 15 W grow light with E27 socket is perfect for growing a plant in a Botanium. With a broad light spectrum well suited for plants, the hue is still neutral and white - unlike many other grow lights that emit pink and often unpleasant hues.

Thanks to highly efficient LED technology you can grow your plants throughout the year - regardless of how much natural light you get by from your window.

Use it to grow herbs, chili peppers, tomatoes and other plants from seed to harvest.
We recommend putting in on a timer so that it is on for 15 hours and off for 9 hours everyday.
Use at 10-30 cm distance for best results. 

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total power 15 W
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producer Botanium

Smart Garden Botanium

Smart Garden Botanium


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