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Product code: WTW85590BY

Dryer Bosch (8 kg)

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Dryer Bosch (8 kg)

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Dryer Bosch (8 kg) / WTW85590BY

• SelfCleaning Condenser™: no more manual cleaning, plus energy savings in class A+++ for the life of the dryer
• Fast drying: dries your laundry considerably faster than before
• AllergyPlus: specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers and sensitive skin
• Sensitive Drying system combines warm air currents and a gentle drum structure for dry clothes
• ComfortControl: easy to operate thanks to the intuitive user interface

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The product is available in the retail stores in limited quantity. If you would like to order it through the online store, please contact us!

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Dryer Bosch (9 kg)

Dryer Bosch (9 kg)



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SelfCleaning Condenser
Heat Pump Dryers with SelfCleaning Condenser protect your clothing while remaing highly energy efficient.Thanks to the SelfCleaning Condenser technology, the condenser is cleaned automatically, up to four times during the drying process, keeping always a top energy performance, cycle after cycle. Bosch’s heat pump dryers are designed to run efficienly and dry clothes gently and perfectly.

Anti-Vibration Sidewall
The innovative AntiVibration design of the side walls is not only eye catching: the system also provides more stability and reduces vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch washing machines very quiet, even during the spin cycle.