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Looking for a new device, but can’t quite afford it?

Trade in your old phone, laptop or tablet and get a discount on the new device.

1 Check the value of your device
Find your device using its name or IMEI number.

  • Device search (name or IMEI)
  • Device evaluation
  • Device summary

2 Bring it to Euronics
From the map you can find the closest Euronics store to return the device

  • Akropole
  • Alfa
  • Bolero
  • Galerija centrs
  • Mols
  • Origo
  • Rīga Plaza
  • Stockmann

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Prepare your device
Before returning the device, make sure you have removed the following restrictions.

• The phone cannot have any carrier / network locks or passwords that limit the usage of the device.
• Find My iPhone / Find My Device must be disabled.
• Make sure you have removed all personal accounts and data from the device.

You can use the trade-in discount when purchasing a new model. You can buy the new device outright, or use installments as a payment option.

What happens to my old device?

Your old phone or computer is sent to a recycling center where we can give it new life or recover valuable materials.
Your device will certainly not find its way to a landfill but gets a new life in one form or another.
Bringing your old device to us has a positive impact on the environment.