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2012 - Euronics International top European seller of technical consumer goods

The Group posted a consolidated turnover of €16.2 billion in 2011: an increase of 7.1% with respect to the previous year, and the Group has every reason to look forward with confidence to 2013

Rome, 14 June 2012 - Euronics International, the largest European Buying Group of white goods and consumer electronics, achieved excellent results in 2012 that puts it in first place in Europe.

According to the GfK Group, the Technical Consumer Goods Market generated a turnover in 2011 of €224.9 billion, an increase of 0.4% compared with 2010 that was driven principally by the countries of Eastern Europe, where growth was in double figures. In Western Europe, the value of sales rose in Austria, Germany and Belgium, but a sharp fall in prices led to negative results for other Western European economies.

In this complicated environment, Euronics International succeeded in implementing a successful development strategy that has made it the leading Group in Europe for the number of retail outlets (more than 11,000 stories) and dealerships (6,000). Euronics has a widespread presence throughout the continent, and, with the recent expansion into Poland, is now operating in 31 countries, 25 of which are members of the European Union.

Result: higher consolidated turnover, which totalled €16.2 billion in 2011, an increase of 7.1% with respect to 2010.

In the words of company president Hans Carpels, “We have set ourselves an ambitious objective: by 2015 we want to raise our turnover to €20 billion. We know that we can count on our privileged contact with leading international suppliers, and on an unbeatable structure that has carried out excellent work in recent years in all the countries in which we operate." Our strategy for reaching these targets is based on an in-depth knowledge of our market sector, an efficient and well-coordinated structure and our centralised management of the major players.

If we look at the trends in Europe, we see a clear polarisation of sales that reflect the current social gap. We are witnessing increasing demand for entry-level products at competitive prices as well as for high-end, high-technology and expensive items, while medium-range products in the middle are being squeezed.
The farsighted strategy of Euronics International which banked on innovation and the delivery of top-level products has reaped rewards for the Group, which has been able to take advantage of the market changes that it foresaw. In this way it has distinguished itself from its competitors, affirmed its capacity to generate added value and given proof of its professionalism.

The way the Group is structured is also another reason for the success and growth of Euronics International. The rationalisation of the organisation at an international level, with the appointment of European product managers dedicated to each market segment, has enabled the Group to streamline and accelerate processes, and adopt a single system of coordination and communication in all the European Member States in which it operates.

A second fundamental factor of success has been the Group’s cooperation with its suppliers. As it has consolidated its leading position in the market, Euronics International has been able to establish privileged relationships with the electronics and white goods producers, which have translated into international agreements, exclusive distribution deals, programmes of market segmentation and innovative development projects.

Paolo Galimberti, Vice President of Euronics International, declared "Our capacity to anticipate on-going changes and take advantage of them by leveraging our considerable experience operating locally and our extensive knowledge of market trends are at the real strengths of the Group, both locally and internationally." He added that the Group was ready to meet the challenges of the future by drawing on the added value implicit in the "shared vision" of robust entrepreneurship. "This is visible also in Italy, where our results have outperformed the rest of the market," he said. 

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