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Accidental damage insurance

Caring about welfare of customer, Euronics Latvia offers its customers a special kind of insurance for electronic devices. By purchasing electronic and mobile devices in the Euronics store chain, you can insure them against damage, theft and other accidents, that the manufacturer's warranty is not covering.

Insurance will protect you from loses that may occur if there is an external damage to the product, it is completely destroyed or stolen.

Where and how to purchase insurance?

Insurance can be purchased at the moment of purchase at any Euronics store. The seller will acquaint you with the terms and conditions and prepare an insurance policy.

What kind of devices can be insured?

    -     Mobile phones;
    -     Smart watches;
    -     Tablets;
    -     Computers;
    -     Laptops, notebooks;
    -     Photo, Video devices.

What risks are insured and reimbursed?

    -     Physical damage (any unforeseen breakdown - cracks, a screen or keyboard is flooded, etc.);
    -     Theft (if filed to the police);

What are terms and conditions for insurance?

Insurance price depends on product value at the moment of purchase.

Self risk: 70 €

The most important cases when losses are not compensated:

    -     The device was left unattended, as a result of which it was stolen;
    -     If insured person was in a state of alcohol intoxication, under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances at the time when the risk occurred;

Loss claims

Apply for compensation can be done at Euronics stores.

Keep in mind!

The insurance offer is valid only at the time of purchase.
The insurance period is 12 or 24 months.

Insurance cover is valid all over the world.

Click here for terms and conditions of device insurance.